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  • Quiet Time Tools

    I get that we’ve been talking about worship a lot. Like, alot a lot. I love that I get to share my experiences on this little platform, and it’s a privilege I don’t take

    Selfless in A Selfie Generation

    Let me just say, right off the bat, that I love Social Media and could not be further from a hater. I LOVE sharing God’s word on all the media platforms. I feel like Instagram + the

    A Word In Season: Grace To Perfection

    I had a dream recently that I believe was a kairos prophetic word for this particular season in God’s calendar. The message in this dream is particularly important for those who’ve

    The Story Of Us: Part 2

    I’m finally back with a continuation of the story of how Alex and I met + got together! Before we continue, make sure you read the prologue first and then part 1. Alex & I love how God

    Throne Room Worship

    Worship is a beautiful human right, one gifted by God that even the angels long to look into (read more about that here). You have, in all likelihood, experienced beautiful moments of private +

    True Humility

    I feel like there’s a bit of confusion when the Church thinks about humility. There is a sense of frustration when His children are called to a position of influence + power + prominence.

    A Call For Unity + The Five Fold

    This is the year that My five-fold must come further together in unity.   Team work and brotherly love is needed.   The coming harvest is going to be so great that no one man can do it alone.  

    Deep Forgiveness

    The Lord gently said to me one day, “There are still many areas in your heart that hold unforgiveness. You need to forgive deeply in order to soar.” This is a season where My children

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